As I sit and write I am not sure what to say because I don’t know who you are that is reading this. But I suppose you are someone who has a family and may want to grow your family. My husband and I have 2 wonderful kids. Our oldest (3yr) is from natural birth and our daughter (1 1/2yr) from “supernatural” birth (adoption world language for adopted). We are able to have more children naturally but our hearts are broken for the orphan. I am wrestling with my thoughts because more than anything else I want to do what God calls me to. I want to be line with His will for our family. I am not sure at the moment what that is when it comes to growing our family. I know I could read books that would tell me to not take any measures and if I get pregnant then that is God’s will, but then I could talk to others that would say God gives us wisdom. Others would advise that if God  has given us a passion for adoption that is what we should do because that is part of His call on us as followers.  Then the questions flood in…if we adopt next do we adoption domestically again or internationally? If we adopt internationally and our child does not know their birth parents will that be hard since we have an open adoption with our daughter?  When do we start the process? Should we be more open to a natural birth child first? How much age gap is best for the children? How many children will we have total? Is it OK if we do not have any more natural children or does our oldest need a sibling that looks like him? The list could go on but I will practice discipline and control my thoughts. I will do what I know is best and the only thing that will help. I will turn my questions over to God, I will pray, I will wait, and I will trust that God will lead us as we seek Him. I hope you can do the same with your questions. We have a faithful God who wants to make His will know!