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Katelyn’s Fund began after many years of the Lord whispering into our broken hearts. He wasn’t done with this story and there was so much He wanted yet to redeem. He was asking us to trust in who He was and what He longs for. He was asking if we would speak up–speak up for those who could not speak for themselves and speak up for His kids across the nations. And if we would, He would move upon the church to speak up and embrace His heart for the orphan.


Our story began as so many others do – with a picture in our minds of how things would look, followed by the unfolding of a completely different reality, revealing just how much our Father sees so far beyond us. Where we are is not where we thought we would be, but we surrendered to “I don’t understand, but will trust You.” There is nothing about our story that is more significant than any other, but it is ours – a gift we’ve been given to put the Lord on display. It is a story of fighting for faith, searching for truth, and resting in His plan. It’s the story of our family becoming whole and old ideas becoming new.


There are no truer words as we remember our daughter – the one we did not get to hold on this side of Heaven, but will embrace with such deep love and tears of joy when we reach His kingdom.


We are the body of Christ serving together to do the work put before us with Katelyn’s Fund Orphan Ministry. Here are the members of Katelyn’s Fund and their primary roles. We are a completely lay ministry, with no salaries given. Collectively we serve Him through the things that we do, with each part of equal value and each part a key component of the whole body’s success. We praise God for our unique parts and the intricacy of His design. It is amazing to see how God has knit these teams together to be one body and how He uses and equips each one. We are so very grateful for each person who serves on the ministry team so diligently. These men and women give their time freely to serve families and bring Him glory.

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