We want to adopt….we are adopting…..we have adopted.   We are sitting in all three.  The child we have dreamed of is not going to come to our home, because India said “no”.  The sweetest baby boy ever came to us 6 weeks ago and we said “yes” but its a private adoption and it’s messy.  Sigh.  We want to get past the point of deciding to add a child to our home.  I think we are past it.  He has a bed and toys and clothes and tenderness in our hearts.  We want to get past the active verb of ‘adopting’ but we are wading through paternity and court stuff.  

I long to be in the “we have adopted” place and be done.  I want to send out announcements and photographs and the story of how sweet baby Josiah came home….but it all takes time and lots of prayer and more faith than ever.  Meanwhile…we buy formula and baby food and gratefully accept the gifts of diapers and meals and love.  

Adopting is more than wonderful and more than hard and more than amazing….it is surreal and suprising and ultimately, the epic demonstration of the Love of the Father, handed down to families on this Earth.  I am freshly blown away, even today, at how much God declares himself and explains himself and defines the truth of himself in us when we say “yes”.