We are now facing this question … again.  We didn’t know we would be on this road and if you would have asked us three months ago if we are going to adopt another child we would have said “no, well, unless God decides that we are, and we are very certain that He isn’t going to ask us to again.”  And here we are, on the road, home study completed waiting for our I-600 approval and lining up all of the dossier documents to be notarized.  Why?  Why are we doing this?  We have faced this question over the past two months since we confirmed that God has called our family to this again.  Why?  Why are you doing this again?  I understand the question, but honestly, part of me gets frustrated that this question is asked. 


I came across this information tonight on the US Department of State website: 

Why Adoption?

“The child, for the full and harmonious development of his or her personality, should grow up in a family environment, in an atmosphere of happiness, love and understanding. … [I]ntercountry adoption may offer the advantage of a permanent family to a child for whom a suitable family cannot be found in his or her State of origin.”

-Hague Adoption Convention, Preamble


Is this why we are doing this, for the harmonious development of a child’s personality?   I am thinking, maybe the next time I get asked this question I will answer with this response …  “we are adopting because a child, for the full harmonious development of her personality, should grow up in a family environment with happiness, love and understanding” …  I wonder what response would be from the person asking?  Although I understand what this website is saying and it is true on many levels, that just kind of makes me laugh!


We just want people to know that we are adopting again because God has asked us to follow Him on this journey and we are obeying His calling.  We know the many ways we can provide for another child and we also know the many ways another child will fill gaps within our family.  We are stepping out in faith completely not knowing what is going to meet us on the other side.  We know that God will be there and He has asked us to take this step.  Our intention is 100% to follow God’s calling on our lives.  Many moments we are very scared and wonder what life will be like with five children.  Sometimes we get stuck in wondering what her needs will be and what it will take to bring her to full healing.  Many days we are excited for the joy of another child, and many days we wonder if we have what it takes to do what God is asking us to do.  Why adoption?   Maybe my response can simply be “Why not adoption?”  🙂