Sorry I haven’t been on my “post” lately.  I’ve had about a month of absentee….partly due to the recent changes in our home.   Partly because  of “step 6”.  There were some new instructions for posting as a Katelyn’s Fund Blogger….and I was fine until step 6.  At step 6 I got overwhelmed and shut down and just gave up.  Step 6 can look lots of ways in life, can’t it?  Sometimes step 6 is the planning for family vacation…and you can do lots of stuff but you get to step 6 and have to stop….sometimes step 6 comes with adoption.   You go through lots of phases and you get to step 6…..and you quit.

We were on course to adopt a pre-school girl from India, a special needs orphan.  We got to step 6 and couldn’t move forward.  We quit, threw in the towel, gave up.  We grieved.  We prayed.  We wondered.  We questioned.  We waited.


A week later, a baby boy came.  His mama couldn’t keep him and agreed to let us watch him.  That evolved into her signing over parenting rights for us to adopt him.  A week later.  We needed to pass through step 6 to get to baby Josiah.  He’s here now.  We are learning a new normal in our house, with a  month old baby instead of a preschool girl as our fifth, and final child.  We love him so much.  We are so grateful that God saw what was never going to happen with our little flower from India, and blessed us with this child.  What a gift.  I guess, maybe Josiah is step 7.  

If I can get this to post, maybe a blessing will come your way, called step 7.  Wish me luck.