Though I was once alone, hungry, weak, afraid and had no one to call me their own…

I was rescued out of the pit of despair.

Because someone believed in me…I can scale any mountain, I am no longer afraid to try…some one is cheering for me.

They said I couldn’t learn. I was a hopeless, wild boy that couldn’t listen, couldn’t sit still. My many heath issues went unchecked and it cost me dearly.

Yet, I wear a back pack proudly and go to school. I can read. Math has meaning to me now. Eating lunch with a group of kids is no longer a threatening thing.


I can be a hero, I can be a super hero. I am safe. I can swing upside down…right side up…and its all OK.





I have a special place in a family. I have found love. That place in the cold world, where before I could only imagine, only dream of and cry myself to sleep each night thinking of…now… there is space for me at a table, in a warm bed, in the safety of strong and loving arms. I have found acceptance in a place called a “family.”


No longer does darkness close in around me. No longer am I alone. No longer do I ache for someone, anyone, to see me.