So what does it look like for you to defend the cause of the fatherless in 2013?

Perhaps you are waiting for your child. Maybe you’ve got the chairs around your table full, some adopted, some biological. Maybe you are considering, hoping, praying, thinking. Maybe you are in the midst of a fierce and difficult road with the child you’ve redeemed. Whatever it looks like…

God is in the midst of it.

Wherever He has you, there is a purpose in it.

But whatever you do, keep your marriage first.

Don’t allow the excitement, the what-if’s, the paperwork, the wantings and hope for’s to crowd out time as a couple.

Your child(ren) will need a momma and daddy who put their relationship first.

They will need you to be on the same page.

It isn’t always easy and sometimes difficult to find the time, but if you desire to bring the Fatherless into your home, hearts, or whatever that looks like for you in 2013…

You need to have a home that is not divided. A home that is steady, strong and sure.

You need to be unified as husband and wife so that you can minister as parents.

You will need each other…there will be “those” days in 2013…no matter where you are in the waiting, or the arrival, hoping, or navigating the special and complex emotions of an adopted child.

Wherever God leads you, cultivate, pursue a relationship with Him.

You’ll need His steady under your life. You’ll need His wisdom when you do not understand. You’ll need His peace that passes all understanding when you defend the fatherless.

God is in it…whatever it looks like for you. Don’t hurry Him along, or hurry where you are at…there’s reason for the time. There’s purpose to it all. Don’t lose yourself or your marriage in the defending. Stick together and remember how you are shielded by an Almighty God.

No matter where you find yourself in 2013 –

God certainly has plans for you in defending the cause of the Fatherless…and He will be faithful to lead the way.