It’s New Year’s Resolution Time!


What, I didn’t hear a puking noise in the background, did I?


Are you a New Year’s Grinch?


What’s that you say?  No one every keeps New Year’s Resolutions anyway, so why make any?


Oooh…no need to get sassy with me, it was just a suggestion!




Ok, so maybe you love them.  Maybe you hate them.  Either way, you can’t escape them this time of year.


Here it is the 3rd of January.  As I type this, it’s the first time I’m really thinking about it.


Oh, I’ve helped others think about it.  I’ve asked my husband (he tends to fall in the “hate them” category) about his, thinking I knew his answer.  I was actually very touched that his desire and prayer for the New Year was for health and safety for his family.


I help manage an exercise and weight loss facility.  I’m excited to help any and all that come through our doors meet their New Year’s Resolutions to get in shape and/or lose weight.


But what are my resolutions?


As usual, I want to be healthier this year.  Shed a few pounds.  I really want to get up the courage to train for a triathlon.


But shouldn’t I “resolve” for something more important?


I could stress out about being a better mom.  Or a better wife.  Or better neighbor.  Better friend.


But those might be set-up for failures.  Too broad.  What is “better” anyway?


I’d resolve to be more patient but it seems God’s already working on that one!


Here it is. This is what I’m feeling.


I resolve to be more loving.  To think with my heart more.  Not just my head.  To not think about the “shoulds” so much.


My house should be cleaner.  My kids should practice instruments more.  I should sit with them while they practice.  I should change the sheets more often.  My house should be more picked up. I should be more organized then everything would run more smoothly.  I should get more sleep.


Shoot, I could “should” myself out of sleep.  And I sometimes do.


No.  I resolve to LOVE.  To let more “shoulds” go.  To stop even when I don’t have time. To listen to my kids with my heart not just my ears.  To enjoy their laughter even when supper’s not made. To relish in life.


To love me. 




…just go where my heart leads.  Where God’s heart leads.


God isn’t in the “shoulds.”  He’s in the LOVE.  And that’s where I want to be, too.


Happy 2013.  May you be surrounded with LOVE.