This blog post was written by my ever-talented husband, Micah.  Enjoy a lesson in love at our supper table.


Four sets of eyes staring at me around the table: three in judgment and one in what could best be described as “heartbroken confusion.”  My youngest daughter, 4 at the time, had set spoons all around the table for supper.  I—unaware of the heartfelt act—grabbed a spoon from the drawer, dipped it deeply into my corn chowder, and began my journey into supper.  It was only as the silent judgment crept upon me that I realized my transgression.


                “ ’poon, ” my little girl uttered as she pointed to the pristine spoon on the other side of my bowl.

                “I’m already using this one, and it’s dirty now,” I responded in pragmatic fashion.

                “Seriously…?” responded every set of eyebrows around that table–raising sharply in unison; heads tipping forward.


It was here that I realized… love is not practical. 

My daughter didn’t care about dirtying another spoon.  And, quite frankly, spoons are the easiest dish to wash… so why was I so concerned about the minuscular savings of time and water?  Love often does not make sense. 


                Love is building a tower of blocks only to force it crashing down moments later.
                Love is spending the night in a sleeping bag on the living room floor–not for the comfort, but for the memories.
                Love is pretending to enjoy that warm cup of milk that your child thought lemon juice would spruce up perfectly. (Thanks, Mom!)
                Love… is dirtying another spoon, simply to use the one that your child, so proudly, set out for you.


                “Just use the stinkin’ spoon,” I uttered to myself in silence.


I took the wretched spoon out of my bowl—relegating it to my napkin.  That spoon just would not do anymore.  I reached for the proper one, laid out shining in front of me.  As my hand grasped it, I looked over at my daughter, her eyes beaming as a smile overwhelmed her face.  I knew at that very moment—this was the spoon to rule all spoons. 


When you find yourself so buried in the “practical” that you find it hard to show love… just use the stinkin’ spoon.