..and another, and another, and another, we are amazed and realize we have no good thing apart from Him!
This week as we celebrate one year home with Khloie, I can’t help but reflect on all that God did to get her here!
One year ago, after nine months of back-to-back fundraising, we left our children in the very trustworthy hands of dear friends…
 …so we could travel halfway around the world to collect a priceless Treasure.
A 28-hour trip turned into 40 plus, but delayed and missed flights couldn’t stop us.
We arrived in China a day late, only to find that our Forever Family Day would also be delayed.
So we chilled…
…and toured…

…and prepared and waited.

Until finally, she was placed in our arms, just as God had planned.

For two weeks we stayed in her birth country completing the adoption process and letting her think she was an only child.

We introduced her to bacon real food for the first time in her life.

We attended an international church and worshiped with folks representing 52 nations.

We visited the US Consulate where we collected the final pieces of paperwork…

…deeming her a US citizen!

We visited the zoo…

…and the Island.

And eventually returned to the chaos which is reality.
God’s goodness and His mercy had given us everything we needed to make the journey, and to begin the new one.  Our schedule would soon be filled with medical visits.
Khloie was diagnosed with hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (brain injury, most likely prenatally, due to lack of oxygen, often causing blindness or vision loss, affecting speech and motor skills); congenital heart defect, atrial septal defect, and was later diagnosed with bilateral estropia (crossed eyes).  In addition, the orphanage staff told us she didn’t talk.
We knew most of this when we received her.  We began to prioritize her medical appointments.
Her ophthalmologist concluded that Khloie’s vision was miraculously perfect, and he could surgically correct the crossing…but we first had to determine the severity of her heart issues and brain development.
We saw one specialist after another in rapid-fire succession.  
Cardio:  After performing the necessary tests, the cardiologist concluded that Khloie’s documented heart defect is no longer existent!  She will be seen in one year to get a complete release.  Check!
Neuro:  The neurologist saw that much of Khloie’s brain had been damaged prenatally, but the uninjured parts of her brain began to take on the functions that would have been affected.  The moment of awakening came when the doctor told us if she had just seen the images of Khloie’s brain without seeing her in person, she would assume she was blind, nonverbal and completely unable to function independently.  Check!
Vision:  Khloie has had one corrective surgery, with some residual crossing in her left eye, which will be corrected this summer.  Her eyesight remains perfect!  Check!
Verbal:  While Khloie only spoke in whispers, and very limited at that, at first, she now expresses herself just as loudly as the rest of the krew, and even forms up to 4-word sentences.  She will likely need speech therapy in school but is a far cry from nonverbal.  Check!
Motor:  Khloie has some large motor delays, especially on her right side, but her balance and strength continue to improve!  She recently turned 3 and is cognitively at about 18 months (normal for post-institutionalized children) and progressing by leaps and bounds!  Check!
We really had no idea what this side of the journey would look like, but we knew that God had placed a love for this precious Treasure in our hearts and we would be missing a tremendous blessing if we succumbed to fear.  
Her journey to us began with tragic circumstances, brokenness and loss.  Our hope in Christ is that her journey from here on out brings healing, grace and wholeness.   
To Him be glory!!!