Many of you may be able to relate to a feeling I have felt for years. You know, that feeling of wanting loved ones to experience the same joys you have. Those joys that come from being apart of God’s will in caring for orphans.  Well, I have great news to share! My older sister (and only sibling), my best friend, is beginning the adoption process! She and I have prayed for years that this would be something God would lead her family of 5 to do. However, until a week and half ago, there was never the confidence that she and her husband could move forward on it. 

We are all so excited about this because it means another child will be adopted into a Christ-centered family and potentially rescued from abortion or an unsafe environment. 

We are also excited because my husband and I have been praying since the summer about what God’s plan for expanding our family might be and we recently both felt led to adopt again! We will begin that process in the coming months. 

So my sister and I get to walk through all the challenges of paper work, the legal system, grant writing, and fundraising together (though we live a 1000 miles apart!). We have the privilege of praying together for these birth mothers, that through their unplanned pregnancy they could come to know Jesus and His love and grace in a fresh new way. Together we get to pray for these unborn babies, that God would protect them and prepare them for each of our families. 


I can not tell you the joy that this brings me. Knowing that another family and all those who will join them in this adoption journey, will get to see the grace of God on display, it delights my heart! To think about the ripple effect that my sister’s adoption may have on others gives me great hope.  I know the needs of the orphan around the world are so vast, but one by one as believers do their part in joyful obedience to Jesus and care for the least of these, eternity will look different!