We reserve Tuesdays to share stories from  some of our grant recipients.  May you be blessed by their stories….


 We have been married four and a half years, have a two and a half year old daughter named Lara, are on the waitlist to be matched with a toddler from Uganda, and are also pregnant with our third child.  Needless to say, life is about to get very busy for us, with two children on the way!   

We cannot tell you how excited we are, as we anticipate the arrival of our new children, or how thankful we are at what God has done to bring us to this point.   Adoption has always been on our hearts, since before we were married.  It was something we discussed during our dating and engagement days, and we spent the early years of our marriage eagerly anticipating beginning the process.  Flynn grew up very familiar with adoption, as he has three sisters who were adopted as infants.  As the leader of our family, his goal has always been to lead our family to embrace the gospel.  Adoption is one of the ways we plan on putting the gospel—God’s love which has resulted in our adoption as sons—at the center of our family life.  We feel that adoption is a great way for our family to grow while blessing a child who needs a home. 

We finally started the application process in April 2011, after much prayer.  We had been trying to save up money for a while, and make sure that we kept our expenses down, but the price tag of an international adoption is so high (upwards of $25,000, depending on the country), that we knew it would be years before we could raise the entire amount.  We decided to go ahead and start the process, and trust the Lord to provide the money to bring home our child. 

One of the ways He has done this is through Katelyn's Fund.  We are so grateful for the grant we received, which has been a significant help in reaching our fundraising goal.  We have also been thankful for the prayer support that Katelyn's Fund has provided, as they have prayed alongside us for the health and safety of our soon-to-be child.  We look forward to telling our child about the kindness and compassion of those at Katelyn's Fund when he or she comes home to us!