I almost forgot to write my post for today!  Which is quite silly since I’ve been thinking about it for the past few days and had lots of good ideas.  But ‘tis the season of my life to forget stuff it seems!  Not that having 7 kids has anything to do with that. LOL!

Actually this week my fragmented brain has more to do with what happened on Tuesday.  On Tuesday we put our cocker spaniel down.  She has been a part of our family for almost 17 years.  Yes, seventeen!  That’s like 119 in dog years.  She was my first baby and we all loved her very much.

It was time.  And I hope and cross my fingers and pray that fabulous pets get to go to Heaven.  But the Bible isn’t super specific on that issue.  But that’s another post.

Even though it was time, it’s still so hard.  There’s an empty space in our home.  A void that she filled.  I realize that she was “only a dog,” but our lives have changed.  We miss her terribly. And change…especially change that includes missing someone…isn’t always easy.

Four of my kids have had major, life altering changes in their lives.  They came from hard places and adoption is technically a good change, but still such a HUGE change that sometimes, well…it’s hard.  And they have “someones” that they still miss as well.

My point?  (Who needs a point when you can ramble and type at the same time?)

Change is hard.  Loss is hard.  I’m glad I get to stand by my kiddos as they experience both change and loss.  Some more than others.

And I’m glad my Jesus stands by me.