Testimony Tuesday is dedicated to the stories of our grant recipients.  May you be encouraged by their stories….


Our adoption journey began after complicated pregnancies. Although we were blessed with two healthy children, the news of not being able to have more was difficult for us. We began asking God to show us His will for our family. He led our hearts to adoption and in June of 2006 we welcomed Micah Henry Myeong home from South Korea.

In July of 2009 we officially began the process to adopt our 4th child.  It was something that we knew we would do ever since Micah came home in 2006.  The process was familiar this time, but the waiting was more difficult because we knew the sweetness that was at the end of the wait!  In the fall of 2009  our social worker asked if we intended to travel to Korea to pick up our baby.  Our quick answer was no.  We didn’t travel with Micah and didn’t intend to this time either.

On October 25, 2009, during our family prayer time, Landon offered this prayer, “Dear Lord, Please give us the money to fly to Korea to pick up our baby.”  After hearing those words Ed and I looked at each other in awe.  We found out that he and Taylor were in conspiracy about this issue.  We were quick to give several reasons why it wouldn’t be possible.  To each of our reasons, the kids replied “that’s why we’re asking God for it.”  We were amazed with their BIG prayer and absolute faith that God would make this happen.  How could we argue with that?  From that day on, our family prayed that we could fly to Korea into the arms of our baby.

We were no strangers to the waiting game, but things were different this time.  The process was taking longer and children were older at the time of referral.  There were some tough days, but our family life kept us busy. On June 22, 2009 we saw pictures of our baby. We named him Noah Joe Chan.  Over the months we saved as much money as we possibly could in hopes of traveling.  Friends convinced us to apply for a grant through Katelyn’s Fund. We got a call from them stating they wanted to meet with us on October 25, 2010.  Did you catch the significance of that date?  If not, look back a couple paragraphs.  We met with the Board on the 25th and we got our travel call on the 27th. It was amazing to see God place each piece of this puzzle into place in His perfect time.  The kids were able to see God in action right before their eyes to make their dream come true.

On November 1 we left the US as a family of 5 and returned a week later as a family of 6. The trip was a blessing in so many ways.  We were able to meet Noah’s foster mother, bring Micah to his homeland, and experience the beautiful country and culture. At the center of our Christian belief, we know that Christ first adopted us and made us heirs to His kingdom with the gift of salvation.  He is near to each child who is waiting for a home.  Somewhere, possibly ½ way around the world, He is placing seeds in a family’s heart, and making a way to bring an orphan and a family together forever. We believe that God has always known that he would build our family just the way it is and we are so thankful! Our family has been blessed by the ministry of Katelyn’s Fund and we believe their prayers and support were an answer to our prayers!