There is someone very dear to me who seeks someone to 'blame' for us adopting. I mean every.time.we.adopt. It's not necessarily about the children or where they are from, as it is a lack of understanding. 


Why would we choose to put ourselves through that? Why would we want more children? Why would we make life more challenging than it already is? 


Who would make us do such a thing? Is China calling us? (Ya'll know how funny that is?!?) Is our church a cult? Have we been brainwashed? And on and on and on…

Oh, it's got me to thinkin'.

Jesus, it's my fault ~
that you had to die on the cross!
that the human race needs salvation!
that crime exists.
that there are over 147 million children orphaned.
that we desire comfort more than radical change.

No amount of 'good' I do will change the fact I am a sinner in need of salvation. No amount of knowledge I have of you necessarily means I have a relationship with You. But because You first loved me, I am able to love. And I will follow You.

So, it's Your fault!
(and I love You for that!!!)