You can tell that this author, Karen Henry Clark, has been through the adoption journey herself. Sweet Moon Baby is a wonderful adoption story. Clark bases this story on her journey to adopt her daughter. It takes the process of an adoption from China, and puts it in a fairytale or folk tale form. I think it is a wonderful way to approach talking to little ones about adoption – I would gear it for ages 3-5. You can certainly read it to older children – and I would encourage it – but older ones are going to necessitate more answers, I am sure, so be prepared as a parent. In the story, when the parents in China decide that they can not care for their little one, they place her in a basket and pray the moon will watch over her. It is told innocently, but I can see it creating those tough questions in our older children! However, it is a tender way to approach a topic that can be hard to discuss with our children – I thank Clark for coming up with such a wonderful tool for adoptive parents, or any parent for that matter. Patrice Barton, the illustrator, is fabulous! Her illustrations are tender and dreamy and lend that "fairytale" feel. They are perfect for this peaceful tale.