We would like to share the stories of some of our grant recipients.  Enjoy and be encouraged as you hear their stories.




It was Christmas Eve 2010. Along with the hustle and bustle of the busy holiday, we were also busy trying urgently to finish our adoption agency application, and get it in the mail.  After 2 years of contemplating adoption, we were so excited to finally get the process going.  After a few months of finishing paperwork and home study visits, we became a waiting family.  


6 days later, we got the call that changed our lives forever. We had been chosen by a birth mom. She wanted to meet us, and she was due in 10 weeks. It became very clear to us then, that this was why God had laid such urgency on our hearts to turn in our paperwork, and get everything finished.  With only days to spare, we had become a waiting family, and our daughter’s birth mom had started to look for a family to adopt her child.


On June 1, 2011, Larkin LeNeta was born, and placed directly into our arms. We had the absolute privilege of getting to know her birth family, and creating an amazing bond with them. We were there when our daughter was born, and spent her first minutes, hours, and days with her and her birth mom at the hospital.  


We look at Larkin every day, and are simply amazed that God would entrust her to us. Although this adoption process had its ups and downs, it has blessed our lives beyond our wildest dreams. Part of that blessing has come from Katelyn’s Fund, both financially and relationally. We have learned to so much from the support group meetings, both learning about adoption related issues, and making relationships with other adoptive families.  The supportive community of prayer partners from Katelyn’s Fund, and people who love adoption has been such a blessing in our lives.