I am writing this in the hope of encouraging someone who is going through the fire as they journey to bring their beloved child home…

     When you say yes, to growing your family through the miracle and gift of adoption, you instantly become a thorn in the enemy’s side.  satan hates you, he hates the over 147 million orphaned children in the world, and he hates God.  The last thing the defeated one wants is a precious, little child coming home to the family the Lord has chosen for them.  The devil does not want an orphaned child to be loved, and nurtured.  he does NOT want a child to learn about Jesus!  To know that God loves them, has a plan for them, that He died for them!  

     Once you say yes, and the fiery darts start flying… don’t feel alone.  That too is a lie from the enemy.  Just ask any of your Christian friends who have adopted and most will tell you that they too experienced intense  spiritual warfare… from broken major appliances, blown car engines, lost paperwork, incorrect paperwork, loss of jobs, verbal attacks from extended family and friends, your  children that are already home come under fire, the list goes on and on… You are not alone.  You are in good company with other soldiers in the Lord’s army.  Share with other families, get to know fellow Believers in the adoption community, we are all in this together and they will be able to encourage and support you with their tales of battle and victory.

     When we begin our adoption journey… we declare WAR!  The good news is that the battle belongs to the Lord!  He is victorious and HE will get your family and your child through what ever trials, difficulties, attacks that come.  

     Stay the coarse brothers and sisters… Your child is waiting… God is faithful… To God be the glory!