We would like to share the stories of some of our grant recipients.  Enjoy and be encouraged as you hear their stories.


We currently live in Port-Au-Prince Haiti, but we call Scottsville, KY home. We hope by the time you are reading this that we are home with Daphnica our 7 year old Haitian  princess.   

Ever since before we got married, over 19 years ago, we have considered adopting the way we would like to become parents. When we went on a mission trip to China, we decided we would adopt because there were too many children without families. Everyone said we would change our minds, but we never did. I have dreamed about what my daughter would be like. After the earthquake, I felt called to go to Haiti on a mission trip. I fell in love with Daphnica. The last day I was there I remember holding the little one asleep in my arms and praying, “God if you can make a way, please let her be mine.” Sometimes it is difficult for me to think that seven years ago I had a daughter born. I feel so blessed that I will be her Mom, and I can’t wait until the day that we come home.  We have been on mission trips to China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines, & finally to Haiti after the earthquake. Out of all the places we have been, Haiti has made the most profound impact on our hearts, & lives. 

We started the Haitian adoption process almost two years ago.  It has been one of the most difficult and blessed journeys of our life.  Some days I wonder how we got so blessed to get the child we did.   We have lived in Haiti with Daphnica for the past 6 months. We had to move here for her health as she stopped eating and was less than 30 lbs (at nearly seven) when we moved here. In the past two years I have cried, laughed, prayed, felt like God was no where to be found. This is been my desert season.  In the end I have had to learn lots of patience and God does things all things well and I his timing. To him be glory forever. I could have never made it through this time with out faith and trust in God. We had  wonderful support from our family, friends, all the wonderful staff our adoption agency All Blessings International.  Even with this wonderful support there came a point where we felt like giving up. God sent Katelyn’s Fund to us as a sign to press on and that he was still with us. 

The Katelyn’s Fund grant came at the perfect time in our adoption process. We will be using our grant money to pay for refingerprinting, Visa, and tickets home. More that the money we received we were most thankful and blessed by the prayers, love, and support they have given us. We had the pleasure to meet some of the board members in Haiti. That meeting meant everything to us. Thank you for that. 

Love to all and blessings. 

Please feel free to check out our adoption blog   http://myhaitiangirl.blogspot.com/