Testimony Tuesday is dedicated to the stories of our grant recipients.  May you be encouraged by their stories…..

God has done mighty things in our lives – each being called in different ways. God has brought our family on an incredible journey. A journey of enabling us to be able to become a mom, a dad and a brother to a little 2-year-old girl in Ethiopia. Wow! We have been carried through many of the stages of the adoption process but (at the time of this writing) we are waiting with God’s help, to hear when our embassy appointment will be so that we may bring our little girl home.

Our home is in Sioux Center, Iowa. Bryan works for Maguire Iron in Sioux Falls and Interstates in Sioux Center providing leadership and Human Resources services. Natasha spends most of her time keeping our home schedules in order. Also, she and a friend clean a few homes together. Carter (9) and Mason (6) are very excited and eager for Kianna to be home. There has been a lot of learning and understanding for each of us in our own way as we have been on this journey. For one, to learn how to share a room or to realize that not all moms and dads can give a home for their kids and, therefore, need our help.

We’ve experienced God’s financial provisions which is a blessing because the financial aspect of adoption can be overwhelming. The grant we received from Katelyn’s Fund was one of the many ways that God worked through others in order to provide the financial means for us to proceed with the adoption. We are so grateful for the gifts we received.

We have seen God’s hand in His timing of steps throughout the adoption process. We are not in control and God will work all our efforts, our grief, and our desires to all His and our good.

We have had more fun than we even expected – preparing Kianna’s room, experiencing Ethiopian culture, and, of course, shopping for girl stuff!

We gratefully appreciate prayers as we continue this journey of bringing Kianna to her new home. There will be challenges and unknowns as we continue. We hold on to what God will teach each one of us along the way.