As I sit here, I’m hit with how I’ve heard such good advice, and need to take it.


Advice given from…ME!



Anybody else hearing me?  My last post was FROG.  It was about a month ago.  Funny how soon I forget that.  To Fully Rely On God.  And oh how I needed it again at just this moment!


I’ve told people the importance of taking care of themselves.  Especially as a parent. If you fall apart physically and emotionally because of lack of sleep, unhealthy eating or lack of exercise, you won’t be able to take care of those around you or fully live through God’s calling for you. 


Uhm…a little bit ago I was extremely frustrated.  I hit the gummy bears.  Sugar rush!!  Gummy bears aren’t even a favorite?  They were just handy.  Was that a healthy way to deal with my stress?  Uhm…no.


I’m guessing I’m not alone.  It’s so easy to give advice.  In some situations it’s even easy to know the “right” thing to do.  Just hard to do it.


I bet you give great advice.  So…what advice would you give yourself now?  Want some more advice? Take your own advice.