People often like to claim the secret to a happy life. I remember, years back, when the book “The Secret” came out. What a  craze it was. It was a 2006 best seller! Somehow this one author had found THE key to happiness. All you had to do was buy the book, read it and happiness was yours! How ridiculous this sounds and yet people believe it and bought the book.   

My husband and I were supposed to be in Orlando, FL right now enjoying a great leadership development conference while our kids spend time with grandparents in Michigan. However, due to the ‘Polar Vortex’  our flight out of Michigan this past Tuesday was one of the thousands that was cancelled with no chance of rebooking until after our conference was over! So, there we were in Michigan (which had taken us 8 hours to drive to Sunday due to the blizzard) with no real reason for being there ( we had just spent a week in Michigan over Christmas). When we got word that we weren’t heading to the much anticipated conference get away we did not get angry. We did not feel pity for ourselves. By the grace of God we thought, “this stinks! I wonder what God is up to and why He would rather have us here.”  We had gratitude that perhaps he was protecting us or providing for us in a way we could not see. 

I have been asked by friends over the year what it is that makes me so peaceful and not stressed. The answer is of course Jesus. But many people know Jesus and still don’t feel peace and they allow stress to dominate. My belief in Jesus as my Lord and Savior changes my worldview and my perspective on everything. I realize that I do not deserve anything but hell (I am a very sinful person) so each blessing in life is a gift.  I have gratitude in my heart and mind each day.  Of course, I get frustrated, angry, moody, sad and all the other negative emotions but I don’t camp out there because deep in my heart at the base of my faith is an unbelievable God given amount of gratitude. Grace.

As a follower of Jesus Christ, I know that the point of life on this Earth is not happiness but holiness. I also know that there is not anything apart from God that will bring me lasting joy and so I try hard not to look to worldly experiences, materials or status to bring me happiness (I am not perfect so of course I fail at this at times).  

So, if I had to say what I think the key to happiness is, I would say first that happiness is just a fleeing feeling but joy can last forever. So we should be looking for the key to lasting joy. And to experience joy you need Jesus. When you KNOW Jesus your heart becomes a heart overflowing with gratitude! 

Oh and God did allow for my husband and I to enjoy two nights kid-free while in Michigan! Though there was no sun or even above freezing temps. we enjoyed each others company and relaxed! So I see many blessings in that canceled flight already 🙂