As I think about human adoption I get a better understanding of the adoption God has completed for me. God has recused me and given me everything that He has (Colossians 1:13). When I look at my sweet daughter Hadassah I want the very best for her. Though she does not share my ethnicity, genes or my race she is my daughter. She gets everything that is mine. She has been adopted into my family. She, already, at one and half is taking on the mannerism and habits of others in her family. She talks like her big brother and hugs like her daddy. It is the same with me as an adopted daughter of God. I don’t (sadly) resemble Him in many ways but I am included in His family because He adopted me.  The longer I walk with Him, as His child, the more I become like Him and hopefully represent His name well.  This is just one of the beautiful things about adoption!