16 Sep

Support Meeting 09.08.22

Sep 8, 2022Loren De Jong Identity in the Promises of God Setting our families up for success by putting strategies in place can help make day to day life more manageable.  Tools, such as Dr. Pervis’ The Connected Child, help us walk alongside our kids.  Some strategies that Loren and Patt De Jong incorporated into their...

27 Jul

What if it Doesn’t Work Out

FOCUS ON WHAT MATTERS Today’s blog was written by a Katelyn’s Fund friend Kansas Fergen. What happens if it doesn’t work out? This very question was asked while we were in the process of adopting one of our older children. Our family was called to walk the road of adoption in a not-so-typical way, and this question made us think about why we were adopting in the first place. When most people think of adoption, the first thought...

19 Jun


This blog post was written by Kyle Blankers, a friend of Katelyn’s Fund.   Mindfulness. It’s a word I’ve been pondering lately, and one I’d like to encourage all you fathers with on this Father’s Day. “Mindfulness” doesn’t come up often in daily conversation or get put on the back of a t-shirt, but you’ve probably had experiences in your life (like I have) that have made you familiar with the concept. ·  Back in high school, I had a choir teacher constantly remind...

07 Jun


This blog post is written by a friend of Katelyn’s Fund….Tara Dekkers.   When asked to write about foster care and adoption, I honestly was not sure what to write about.  After thinking about this for a long time I decided to write and give you a little insight into our families journey.   I hope to give you a small glimpse into foster care and encourage you to reach out our family or to other foster families. This next part is our personal...

12 May

Support Meeting 05.05.22

Jenn Eekhoff, shared with her passion in caring for those in need, their family’s journey which has spanned many years of foster care and adoption, and ways the broader community can come alongside families as well. We are grateful for Jenn taking time to share, thankful we can learn and listen from one another and He provides ways for us to walk together in community. Here are some of the ideas Jenn shared below: How can you support kids in foster care...

27 Apr

Biggest Fear

written from a dear Katelyn’s Fund volunteer and friend, Alissa Kroeze What’s your biggest fear? If you’re honest, what would be the worst thing that could happen to you in this life? I (like most people) would have said to lose someone I love. I was only 23 when I was faced with my worst fear. We were newly married and expecting a baby. A baby boy. I was 21 weeks pregnant when they told me that our baby was sick, and...

12 Apr

Support Meeting 04.07.22

We were honored to have Darcie Van Voorst speak to us about our body’s reaction to trauma. She spoke specifically about cortisol and the impact it has on our body. She encouraged us to “Name it to Tame it” and then “feel it to heal it.” Name your emotion, feel it, and then begin your journey toward healing. Pictured are some great resources that Darcie recommends as well as her notes from the evening.

30 Mar

Support Meeting 03.10.22

On March 10, 2022 the Katelyn’s Fund Support Group heard from Dana Visser, an occupational therapist from Sioux Center Health.  They discussed the power of sensory input in their children’s lives.  They also assembled a Take-A-Break Kit for times when de-escalating is needed (see images below for reference). Feel free to watch the zoom recording HERE. The organizations/speakers/businesses are sharing from their own personal experience(s).  Katelyn’s Fund doesn’t directly endorse any of them. Reminder – Next support meeting will be help on...

25 Jan


Last night I had one of those nights where sleep was a mysterious concept to me. I don’t have them very often but as of late I have encountered a few. With my feet dragging across the floor I fumbled for my phone and turned on some worship music and in went my headphones.  As I sat there the tears began to soak my cheeks at the simple reminder that God is still who He says He is. And as...

21 Jan

Support Meeting Minutes 01.13.22

At the January Katelyn’s Fund Support meeting, individuals directly connected with international adoption, Foster Care, and Safe Families shared personal experiences and knowledge about how to get involved if you are feeling led into one of these three areas of care.  According to Nicole Van Ginkle, Social Worker with Holt International, international adoptions have decreased in number over the past few years but continues to be an avenue for individuals who would like to adopt. The adoption...