This blog was so graciously written by Niki Kredit, a long time volunteer and friend of Katelyn’s Fund!

Psalm 23:5  – You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.

Louie Giglio wrote a bible study entitled “Don’t give the Enemy a Seat at your Table”. I highly recommend it. There is a 6 week video bible study, a 2 month daily devotional and a textbook. The table that the Lord prepares for us is worth spending time thinking and wondering about.

When I prepare the table for a family meal, I first consider the meal I will buy, cook and serve. Thathelps me to decide whether we need big plates, smaller plates, bowls, platters, forks, spoons, chopsticks, etc. I put time into deciding who will be coming to eat the meal, how many places to set and whether I can use a cloth table covering or not, based on the ages of my dinner guests (wink wink). I consider the ages of my diners to decide if it should be easy, kid-friendly, or “ fancy food” as my foster daughter calls it. Sometimes I even find a special center piece or bouquet of flowers or candle as the focal point of the table. Preparing a table is a series of events and actions and thoughts that culminate into a meaningful experience between me and those I plan to serve.

God prepares a table before me. He also thinks about all of these things and maybe does so in a flash because he is so Omniscient. The table he prepares for you and for me is one that is specific for the purpose he has in mind, so that he may sit across the table from us and enjoy an experience with us at his table. He intends not to just feed and nourish us, but to share delight with us in the mutual and interactive way we share meals at the table. “Pass the salt please” “Wow, how did you make this dish?” “Thank you for coming, I was hoping you would like it”.

He prepares a table before me because he desires to spend time with me. So why in the presence of my enemies? Good questions. Perhaps there are many possible answers. Here is one that Louie Giglio helped me see in his bible study. He prepares the table in the presence of my enemies to show the enemies that He loves me and thinks about me often and wants good things for me. My enemies watch with jealousy and hunger and longing as I dine with the Almighty. They will either leave the dining experience, sick of the show of our love for each other, or maybe they will wonder how they, too, could be invited to a seat at the table. God’s desire is that all would come to the table and dine with him so of course he will invite the enemies to see what is going on! If my enemies are people with souls, I want to know that they are also welcome if they accept the invitation to be one with the Lord. If my enemies are my thought life, my doubts, my insecurities, the attacks of the devil to kill and steal and destroy, then its best if they just leave hungry and unsatisfied.

He anoints my head with oil. He cares for me, he tends to my dry and aching head and he knows just what I need to feel comforted and comfortable. Anointing oil not just heals a dry scalp but it blesses the mind as well. Can’t you just feel the Father’s heavy hand resting on your head as the oil drips down and through your hair? Can’t you know feel the weight of His presence and care for you? Lord, anoint my head with oil, today. I long to feel the hand of God on me.

My cup overflows. So much goodness is poured out on me when I sit at the table, in the presence of my enemies, when I eat and drink from the hand of God, when I feel the soothing balm of the oil on my head as it washes away the pain and doubt and fear and ache and is replaced by the anointed blessing of a good, good God. I should pull my cup away when it is full but I think I will just sit at the table awhile and watch it pour over the sides of the cup onto the table as it overflows because sometimes the lavish love of God can be just that extravagant and messy and impractical. Sometimes we can let it overflow and just watch it spill over. There will be time to clean it up. There always is. I hope the enemy notices my cup overflow as well. I will sit and smile at the cup and not look away from the table. I will stay as long as God stays at the table and when it is time we can get up and go together.