Last night I had one of those nights where sleep was a mysterious concept to me. I don’t have them very often but as of late I have encountered a few. With my feet dragging across the floor I fumbled for my phone and turned on some worship music and in went my headphones.  As I sat there the tears began to soak my cheeks at the simple reminder that God is still who He says He is. And as a looked down at myself I was reminded too of His faithfulness to me.  So why did it take this 1:30am wake up call to remind me of this?
Honestly as a mom it’s hard to remember this. We moms are the answer to every question. The ailment to every disease.  The ride to every game. The cleaner to every mess. And the recipe to every meal. Just to name a few.  Amidst all of that it’s easy to forget isn’t it?  At least I know it is for me.  It’s easy to forget who God is.  HE is the answer to every question.  HE is the Great Physician. HE watches over our comings and our goings.  HE washes us whiter than snow.  And HE is our daily bread. And so SO much more.
So moms as we head out into our days, REMEMBER HIM. And once you remember Him….BELIEVE WHO HE SAYS HE IS.  Because if we do…the pressure is off for us moms!  And us moms, we could use a little less pressure in this world.  So let’s try this.  Put your phone/computer down for just a second.  Take a breath from way deep down there and as you exhale REMEMBER HIM!  Now walk away believing whatever you remembered about Him!  🙂

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