Wow! What a day! They Holy Spirit was present and moving yesterday at Katelyn’s Fund Orphan Sunday!
1. Thank you to Clayton & Connie Johnson and family for blessing us with your presence and your testimony. It was moving and inspiring! Thank you for your honesty and willingness to answer questions and share who Jesus is to you and how you have seen Him move in your family.
2. Thank you to all the beautiful families that came yesterday to join us in community and be part of this special day. We are grateful for you and loved seeing all the families join together on the stage for prayer. Beautiful!
3. Thank you to New Life Reformed Church for hosting and celebrating with us. You were awesome! We are grateful to your congregation and staff for all you did to make the day awesome and run smoothly!
4. Thank you Lord for sending your Spirit to be fully present during every step of the day. Thank you for hearing your people and loving us well and being our rock. Thank you for bringing Clayton, Connie and family to share with us and for all the families that came!
— And the worship. Amazing! Thank you is not enough but we are so thankful for such a beautiful day!

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