This blog post was written by Kyle Blankers, a friend of Katelyn’s Fund.  


It’s a word I’ve been pondering lately, and one I’d like to encourage all you fathers with on this Father’s Day.

“Mindfulness” doesn’t come up often in daily conversation or get put on the back of a t-shirt, but you’ve probably had experiences in your life (like I have) that have made you familiar with the concept.

·  Back in high school, I had a choir teacher constantly remind us to “be here now” when we started rehearsal.

· During a conversation with one of my mentors, I asked him for advice about how to navigate a busy season in life. He responded with “wherever you are, be all there.”

·  At home, my son says, “dad…dad…dad” and I’m responding “yes…what…go ahead” while continuing to do what I was doing, and he continues to say my name until I stop, turn, and make eye contact with him. Then, and only then, does he ask his question or make his remark.


Paying attention on purpose to what’s occurring in the present moment. Being fully present.

Fathers, I think we can agree that many things in life vie for our time, energy, and attention – that next deadline, that bill to be paid, that church activity, or that home project that just has to get done. And those will get done. But when we walk into our homes, can we be fully present? Can we take the time to look our kids in the eye when they’re talking to us? Can we put the phone aside and listen to our spouse when she has something to share? Could we take advantage of those moments when the family can eat a meal together and purposely engage in the conversation? It’s in the little things and in the ordinary situations where we can move the needle forward as fathers.

Our Heavenly Father is always present in our life and our situation. Allow His presence to encourage you as you seek to be fully present when you walk into arguably the most important place for a dad to be: the home.

Happy Father’s Day!

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