I have been reading and thinking about Ezekiel chapter 47 for the last couple of months now.  A book in the Bible mostly about Israel’s doom due to disobedience, it also shows a handful of scenes revealing God’s mercy and His extended hand of hope and healing.  In this particular event, Ezekiel is brought to a flooded temple where water is flowing out through the door.  Busted water pipe?  Hot water heater explosion?  Water that started at ankle depth gradually swelled until Ezekiel was led through water that was a river too large to cross.  Ezekiel soon found out that the flood being issued from the temple was not bringing damage but was bringing life and healing wherever it flowed.  Water streaming from God’s presence bringing nutrition, healing, and new life!

Do you live in a community where there are hurting people?  Do you have children in your home that have subconscious scars from a traumatic past?  What if we started living like we were God’s temple (1 Cor. 6:19) and that water began to flow?  Maybe as I walk in the Spirit it could flow out of my mouth and my hands all through my household–ankle deep, knee deep, up to the waist, deep enough to swim in, and a river too large to cross!  Maybe if we as a church let the Holy Spirit reign in our temples healing could flow and God would transform lives in our towns, his river would flood streets and homes.  I want God’s living water to flow out of me in this way, starting with my children and extending to the hurting around me.  Lord, my you reign here in this temple!