When I was in high school, I did not yet know the Lord as Lord and Savior.  My mom used to beg me to read just one page of my Bible everyday.  I tried on many occasions and, similar to practicing the clarinet in fifth grade, every minute of this reading seemed an eternity because my eyes were not yet opened.  I was still spiritually dead and therefore, blind.

In college, after accepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior, I still did not know how to read the Bible.  I remember the first time I carried my Bible in public to a Bible study on campus.  I was very self-conscious.  Later during college, I purchased a book entitled, How to Study the Bible for Yourself.  (I think that was the title; that was a long time ago.)  I would try to read the Bible for 15 minutes before I allowed myself to eat breakfast.  Again, every minute seemed longer than it should have because I had not developed the “God Habit”.

I am currently reading a book by Joyce Meyer entitled, Making Good Habits Breaking Bad Habits.  Although I am not finished with the book yet, only having read through chapter 3, I recommend the book for even these three chapters.  I have enough bad habits to try to break and possibly as many good habits I’d like to see myself develop but Meyer prioritizes the God Habit as first and most essential.

Meyer says,

How can we ever hope to have order in our lives if we don’t know how to put the most important thing ahead of other things.  I tried for many years to work God into my schedule and the devil made sure I never found the time.  Each night I felt guilty because once again I had failed to spend time with God, and I always promised myself that the next day would be different, but sadly it was a repeat of the day before.” (pg 24)

The answer to my problem was simple, and so is yours. Come to Jesus!  Take time first thing each day to communicate with your Father in heaven who loves you and wants to be involved in all you do.  You may not have a lot of time to spend with God in the morning, but to give Him no time at all is tragic and insulting.  We should give Him lots of time each day, but when you do it is up to you.” (pg 25)

I find Meyer’s direct yet sensitive way of expressing herself encouraging and motivating.  I do have the God habit of meeting Him in the morning most days yet still need to be reminded to intentionally put God first all the time.  I recommend this book.  It is worth reading.