I’ve missed about a month of posts that I was assigned to write.  I do apologize.  A few times I forgot, lost track of the week, etc….and more than once I knew it was my turn and I clicked on the “new post” words and then just watched the cursor pulsate awhile….if there is a version of writer’s block called” I can’t think of any thing positive to say and can’t bear to whine here”….then that’s what I’ve had for the past month or two.  

Amazing things have happened, believe me!  We were the recipients of a home makeover while away for a weekend, including our village of friends and relatives making a bedroom for Josiah who formerly slept in our bed because he had no room….and much,  much more.  They blessed us in ways that will take a lifetime to understand.  On the giving and receiving ends, I imagine.  We also finalized Josiah’s adoption the week of Christmas and were able to see almost everyone from our families over the holiday season….its been a wild ride.

Now that it’s January, the dust, quite literally, is settling under us.  We are finding our footing in the new normal, without scheduling home studies, lawyer appts,, holiday activities, etc.  We feel like we are a complete family with the 5 kiddos that God entrusted us with….and quite frankly, I’m really tired.  Most days I have all I can do to plow through the day of busyness, work, food, housekeeping and general mama love….

I’m writing to the authors here, preaching to the choir…..so let me just share a prayer, ok?


Dear Lord, please help us to do our best every day.  When we are awakened every hour of the night  by children in distress, and still have to get up on time in the morning, be there to lift our weary bodies out of bed and start the day.  (Thank you for getting me up today, God.  I never knew I could feel so completely exhausted.)  Thank you for work and school and purpose in our days.  Let these things be the vessel you use us for, to communicate with the world, about your power and love.  Allow us to not miss the best moments in the day, God, the sweet peek-a-boo looks, the smile and high-five, reading that paper a daughter wrote for school that is so good it brought me to tears…..Lord Jesus, help us to not miss those moments in our days.  Give us grace and mercy when we fall short, when we give up, when we can’t take another step….and please, Lord, more than ever, give us joy for this journey.  We want to represent you well, Jesus, so we need unspeakable joy.  In your precious and holy name, Lord Jesus, amen.