Connecting…not a tough word to spell, but it can be a tough thing to do!

Even with your family.

There are nine members of our family.  Mom.  Dad. Four sisters.  Three brothers.

Life can be a whirlwind, how can we connect?

Connecting has been on my mind the past couple of weeks.  Last week, we spent a week on vacation, just the nine of us.  I watched as sisters and sisters and brothers and sisters connected on deeper levels.  I experienced connecting with my kids that I don't always have at home.  I watched my husband connect. 

On vacation, as a parent (as an adult) I was able to let extra responsibilities go and relax.  No unfinished jobs in my peripheral vision, clouding my thoughts.  Hubby could let work go, ten hours away.  Just…us.

Why oh, why, can't I be like that more often at home?  There are a thousand jobs waiting for me (it seems) every day, but why can't I ignore them for 15 minute time frames periodically throughout the day?  Ok, sometimes I do.  When I child really needs me, I focus.  But I need to do that more often.

As a Mom, oftentimes I set the tone of the home.  If I connect with those around me more often, the rest of the family may be more inclined to as well.

So often, however, the immediate distracts me from what's lasting. 


One way that we do connect as a family is by eating supper together at the table.  Not every night, but as often as possible.  No TV, no phones, just us.  We go around the table and each person tells us the "best" part of their day, and the "worst" part of their day.  We don't have to come up with a "worst," and sometimes we don't, but no matter what the day brings, we need to say a "best."  This has been a great way for us to stay connected on a small level.

But I need your input!  How do you connect? Leave a comment and help us all to be a little more connected.