Tuesdays are dedicated to sharing stories from some of our grant recipients.  May you be blessed through their stories….

We feel so honored that God has led us down the path of adoption!  We’ve known for years that we were to grow our family through adoption, and in the last few years, God has given us the direction to move forward and begin the process.  We knew that if God led us to adopt, then He would certainly have to provide the finances, since it was such a huge stretch for us financially.  We began the journey, and each step of the way God has provided.  It has been such a testimony of His faithfulness to look back and see how He has never failed us and provided for us each and every step.

We are currently waiting for our travel call to fly to Korea and bring home our 16-month-old son, William.  We’ve been matched with William for 10 months.  We anticipate a travel call by late summer!  We cannot tell you how excited our children and we are to finally have our family complete by bringing William home.  It’s such a miracle to see how God has completely opened our hearts and given us a mother and father’s love for this precious little boy.

One of the hugest blessings for us along our journey has been the grant provided to us by Katelyn’s Fund.  I can’t express how overwhelmed with gratitude we were when we got the call that we were recipients of a grant.  Tears flowed down my cheeks as I learned of the generosity of others reaching out and blessing our family.  The grant from Katelyn’s Fund has provided us the funds to travel to Korea. Once again, God has faithfully provided!

The cost of adoption is such a struggle for so many families, so it is such a blessing that organizations such as Katelyn’s Fund are set up to assist families.  Being parents of two children of our own, we feel that every child deserves a loving family, and feel so blessed that God has called us to open our homes to a child who would otherwise be orphaned.  The adoption journey is not for the faint of heart, but as with anything God calls you to do – He equips you.  He is FAITHFUL!!