Tuesdays are dedicated to sharing testimonies from some of our grant recipients.  May you be blessed through their stories…


After spending a week volunteering with our church’s youth group at an orphanage in Jamaica in the summers of 2007and 2008, we felt convicted that we should explore international adoption.  After a series of twists and turns, we formally started the adoption process in the fall of 2009.  Now, here we are, eagerly waiting to make our second trip to Ethiopia to bring home our son who is currently 9 months old.  

Throughout this journey we have learned a lot about ourselves, another country, met wonderful people from across and world, and truly experienced God’s faithfulness and providence.  It has been a road filled with joy and excitement as well as fear and anxiety regarding the unknowns in the process.  After months of carrying around his picture and our children talking about their new little brother, we cannot wait to bring home our son.  We feel so blessed to be parents of five wonderful children.  

We are so thankful for the financial support and prayer support of Katelyn’s Fund.  Katelyn’s Fund has been a blessing and encouragement to us in our adoption journey.