If I had a quarter for every time I’ve heard, “You can’t save them all,” … well, I’d have a LOT of quarters!



So many times we see the need, and it seems so overwhelming that we begin to question how we can really make a difference….and so we don’t.


We are petrified by the size of the need and comforted by the reality that we are only one person or one family, ill-equipped at that!


But it’s amazing to me that God will use those least likely. Look at Jesus! Of course, there is a distinct difference between Jesus and us because He was fully God and fully human. But He wasn’t recognized as who He really was ~ the Savior. Unfortunately, many today still don’t recognize Him for who He is.


We also don’t recognize ourselves ~ God’s greatest creation put here for the purpose of living out His love with our lives. Throughout the ages God has raised up ordinary folks to do extraordinary things for His glory!


So the next time someone says we are too small to make a difference, think about the difference one God-Man made, the difference He has made in us, and the difference He will equip us to make, even if only to one other person.