We would like to share the stories of some of our grant recipients.  Enjoy and be encouraged as you hear their stories.




We brought Ezra home, through the miracle of adoption, in August, 2011. We had been waiting just under a year when we got the call that Ezra’s birth mom had picked our family and that she was due in a matter of days. What a beautiful/ crazy whirlwind of a time that was! We spoke with our birth mom multiple times and the connection that we all felt was truly miraculous. After Ezra’s birth, we had a couple of weeks of more waiting to do. We had his photo and prayed for him constantly, and just “knew” this was our child.
What a joyous day it was when we walked into our house and took him to his room, and could rest that he was home.
We are forever grateful to Katelyn’s Fund, for their prayers and financial assistance. This was one of the many ways God affirmed us that He was in full control of our family and He his hand was on each of us. He is the one that sets children in families. He brings fathers to the fatherless. We are so thankful and honored to be used in this way, and amazed and delighted to be Ezra’s forever family.