We would like to share the stories of some of our grant recipients.  Enjoy and be encouraged as you hear their stories.




Before we were even married the topic of adoption came up.  We very quickly came to the realization that adoption was something we were both open to, but were unsure how and when God may ask us to pursue it. 

God continually guides and prepares us through all of life’s experiences.  He placed us at the same college after growing up almost two thousand miles apart.  He called Peter into youth ministry after working in the business world.  He opened our hearts to many children through our work at school and church and gave us a passion to serve them.  He prepared us to be open to the many wonderful opportunities of adoption. 

Over time and reflecting on all the interventions and guidance God has had in our lives, we began the process of domestic infant adoption in 2009.  On February 2, 2010 we were blessed by a wonderful young girl, Brielle, who came into our family just before her first birthday.  God had once again intervened and created a family the way he intended.  Over a year later, after many unexpected legal fees and extra paperwork, we were able to officially welcome Brielle into our family. 

The support of Katelyn’s Fund blessed us as we completed the adoption process.  Both expected and unexpected fees can be overwhelming, but God provides.  We are thankful to Katelyn’s Fund for their support of adoption (in more than just the finances) and for continuing to provide numerous resources for adoptive families.  We are humbled by their willingness to step out and be a part of the community that is needed to help raise our children in God’s love and pray that you would consider being a part of that community as well.