All of our ten kids have needs that are special, but two of them also have what most people term “special needs”.  Having adopted these two as older kids, we had lots to learn about meeting their specific needs both medically as well as all the other challenges that come with adopting.  I had to deal with my own frustration as life slowed down and priorities were reevaluated.  God gave me an interesting resource during this time that I would recommend, a little book called Wrestling with an Angel: A Story of Love, Disability, and the Lessons of Grace, by Greg Lucas.  This little book is not so much about disability or adoption, although it is about both of these issues.  Mostly, it reminded me to look deeper for God’s grace in all I was doing.  Greg’s story is one of a father humbled under his circumstances but still able to glorify God and see His limitless grace.  I read this little book many times and am planning to start again.