Tuesday Testimony – Tuesdays are dedicated to sharing some of the stories of our Katelyn's Fund Grant Recipients – may you be blessed through their stories….



We are so excited and grateful that you are giving us the opportunity to share a little bit about ourselves and how God has led us to start our family through the avenue of adoption.  We are from the Pacific Northwest section of Washington. On March 13th, 2011 our adoptive son, Westyn Craig was born and on March 14th, 2011 he was placed in our arms forever. 

Our adoption journey officially started in January 2010 when we were faced with the news that we were unable to have biological children of our own due to medical reasons.  Although we could have doubted why this was the chosen path for us, we knew God had other plans that were way better than we had in mind.  Two days after finding out we could not have biological children we visited our local Bethany Christian Services office to start the paperwork for adoption.  You see, God had this planned out all along the way.  We had both always talked about adoption throughout our dating years and knew eventually that this may be a road we would travel later on in life.  We had our Home Study, paperwork and adoption training done by the end of June 2010, were approved for the official “waitlist” at the end of August 2010 and were chosen by a birthmother in November 2010.  We never imagined that this process would go so smoothly and quickly.  Although the greatest burden we would bear would be the financial aspect of the adoption process, we knew  that God would not put us on this journey without already having our finances already worked out.

Katelyn’s Fund has truly been a blessing to us in this adoption journey.  We knew God had a plan already worked out and Katelyn’s Fund was just that.  During our conference call with the Board Members of Katelyn’s Fund we were asked if there were any prayer requests that we had that we would like passed along to the prayer team along with praying with us in our call.  We were both overwhelmed and encouraged by complete strangers finding so much joy in praying for us along the way.  Katelyn’s Fund went above and beyond when asking for those prayer requests.  Katelyn’s Fund also gave us a complete piece of mind knowing that the last amount we needed to bring our son home would be taken care of. 

If you are an adoptive family currently in the process or even thinking about adoption please never lose hope, and trust always that God has a plan greater than yours. Sometimes it's not always easy but having faith in God’s journey for you and your family is the most important and it truly does pay off in the end.