Tuesday Testimony – Tuesdays are dedicated to sharing some of the stories of our Katelyn's Fund Grant Recipients – may you be blessed through their stories….

Our journey toward adoption has taken many twists and turns over the last few years.  We had talked about adopting before we were married but never really took it any other further than that.  After we were blessed with our 4 children, we really had thought we were done. When our youngest son was just a year, we kept hearing about the need for families for African American children right here in the US.  We looked into it briefly but we really needed to get into a bigger house before we were serious about it.  After being in our house a few months, the subject came up again.  After some long discussions, we made a plan for a few things that we needed to get crossed off our list before we started the adoption process.  We honestly thought it would take us several months to get those 3 things done and we were content with that.  God had other plans for us.  He never ceases to amaze us!  In exactly 1 week, all those things had been crossed off and we had what we needed to start the process.  We knew that God was telling us very boldly what He wanted us to do. 

Two weeks later, we started the home study process.  By May 2010 that was complete and we started applying for grants.  Katelyn’s Fund was one of the first ones that we applied for.  We were thrilled to find out that we were awarded this grant.  We knew from living in this community how much they have helped out adoptive families with the large expense and the support meetings had been a great way for us to talk with other families who have either gone through the adoption process or were currently going through it.  We know that one of our biggest hesitations of beginning the adoption process was the financial aspect and receiving a grant from Katelyn’s Fund helped tremendously with the high cost of adoption.  We know it’s not about the money but it’s hard to look past the large amount it does take to complete an adoption. 

There were many ups and downs throughout our journey but it was all worth it.  On March 21, 2011 our son, Charlie Jace, was born and placed with us.  God's blessings just continue to amaze us in this journey and we feel so blessed! 

We want to say thank-you to everyone involved with Katelyn’s Fund, not only for the monetary support but for being willing to pray with us and for us during this whole journey.