Trusting God…something ALL people have wrestled with, right?  Whether it is the unbeliever who struggles to know if there is a God to trust, or the young believer who has trusted God for forgiveness for their sins but now struggles trusting Him with their relationships, or perhaps it is the person who has walked with the Lord for 40 years and has a health crisis that brings them to struggle with trusting God in the mist of physical pain.  I believe our wrestling with trusting God is OK.  In fact, can be very good because it gives us something honest to run to Him with. In our struggle to trust we are showing that we want to trust but that it is hard. We are showing that we have not given up trying to surrender to God. We are battling in it. I do not believe our struggle in anyway makes God less trust worthy. He is unchanging! He has always been worthy of all our trust and He has never not fulfilled His promises.

I have been thinking about my trusting God lately. We just finished our grant applications for our 2nd adoption. I asked a group of bible study leaders to pray for provision from the Lord for the $25,000 we need. A few responses from this group of 25 ladies reminded me of how God works.  Many of the woman were shocked by the cost needed to adopt, a few others seems surprised that the needed money did not keep me up at night.  I got to thinking, “why is it that this dollar amount does not worry me”. It is not because we have it stashed away in a bank, no! It is because I have trusted the Lord many many many times for financial provision. Being supported missionaries financial provision has been a place of necessary growth in trusting God. I have seen God provide funds over and over again. I have had this $25,000 adopt need just 3 years ago and watch God provide. So, for me I am not having to wrestle too hard to trust God in this area. This is something I am glad God reminded me of! His past faithfulness has helped me walk in obedience. Of course, there are other areas I am struggling to trust God. But for today I am choosing to be thankful He has given me the faith to trust him with our adoption need. I am grateful that when we step out and risk in obedience to God our trust in Him grows.  I am grateful that with each struggle to trust we have the chance to grow in our faith. I am grateful God has allowed me to see His fruit in my life in this area.