Tim and Julie Bajema family


Children: Madyson (8), Adriel (5), Aliya (4), Cole (6 weeks)


Church: Bridge of Hope, Sioux Center, Iowa


Our adoption journey began long before we filled out any paperwork. We helped to start a non-profit organization that works with a church, school and orphanage in Liberia, Africa. Over the several years of serving our friends in Liberia and hearing the stories of the orphans, God also continued to place orphans from the US in our lives, those in foster care or adopted domestically. We knew for many years that God was calling us to adopt, but needed to do a lot of praying and searching to follow His heart to determine which route we were to take. After well over a year of prayer and searching, we felt we were being called to domestic adoption and to open our hearts to a baby and to pray for the amazing Birth Mom that would entrust us with her baby.In early July, we had our interview from Katelyn’sFund. We were so blessed to share our journey, our fears and our praises, and then to be prayed for by them. A few days later, we had the privilege of meeting the birth mom who chose us to be a family for her baby. Cole Alexander was born on August 6, three and a half weeks early! We were there through the labor and delivery. To see someone go through the pain of labor and know that she is going to give her baby to you is beyond words. That is an act of true love. God used that pain to strengthen the relationship between Cole’s birth mom and Julie. The time in the hospital was such a blessing for Tim and Julie to get to know her and her family. So many aspects of adoption are a step of faith: the wait, the child, the birth mom, and the costs. The list goes on and on.


Katelyn’s Fund was able to help us with the financial aspect by selecting us for a grant. But they do so much more than that! The emails, words of encouragement, and support groups are all bathed in prayer. God used Katelyn’s Fund to show us His affirmation and grace in the midst of a process that contains so many uncertainties.



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