1.  Be honest with yourself and your trusted family and friends.  Things don’t always have to be “fine….good”

2.  Eat good food with health in mind…..whole, pure, non-processed foods like fresh fruits and veggies in season.

3.  Pray more.

4.  Let others pray for you and pray over you.

5.  Carve out time each day for exercise of some kind.  (Still working on this one myself)

6.  Treat yourself to a latte or hot fudge sundae or pedicure or massage….or whatever makes you feel special.

7.  Resist the urge to put others first every time.  Sometimes its ok to insist your needs get met too.

8.  Don’t take on extra……………anything.

9  Practice a creative outlet again such as music, art, writing, photography…….or just buy a fresh box of crayola crayons and a cheap coloring book and color.

10.  Rest.  It is a marathon, not a sprint.