We are smack in the middle of the journey to bring home our 9th treasure from China.

Although the process has changed since we first adopted 10 years ago, the thing that’s changed the most is ME!

I’m a take-charge kind of gal.  Give me a task and I’m on it.  Give me stacks of paper work, no sweat.  Ask me to sit quietly and wait patiently…fail.  But that is changing, ever so slowly.

I have orchestrated fundraisers, tried to make crafty things (in my severe un-crafty-ness) , held garage sales and whittled our budget to the bone in order to raise adoption funds.  Usually the entire journey is one fundraiser after another, frantic that we will fall short of our goal.

We’re still raising funds and working overtime to cover the expense of the adoption, but this time is different.

Over the past year the Lord has dealt with my heart in so many ways.  First, that He would allow us to adopt again is incredible.  But I am recognizing His sovereignty.  And I’m learning to abide.

Abiding doesn’t mean I’m sitting on my hands.  But I am seeking Him, soaking in His truth, and instead of plowing my way through things, I’m content to follow Him.  I’m learning that as I fix my gaze upon Him, I am less likely to become distracted.

The adoption process has many milestones, each culminating hopefully in the homecoming of a child.  In the past I’ve gotten so wrapped up in the destination that I couldn’t enjoy the journey.  And the Lord has so much to teach me in the journey.

This time I want Him more than I want the things I ask of Him.