Brendon and Ruby Doutrich family



Children: Chloe (5), Chase (3)



Church: United Bethel Mennonite Church, Plain City, Ohio



We have been in the adoption process for nearly a year. We have partnered with Bethany Christian Services and are working towards adopting a child from a crisis pregnancy. The process has had its ups and downs. The paperwork and getting approved to be a waiting family went smoothly, but unexpected social worker changes and other bumps in the road have made us realize just how unique every adoption story is. We are currently #1 on the waiting list in Ohio so we hope the process does not take much longer. We have been amazed at how the financial questionsof adoption have been answered. Looking at the price tag for adoption made our knees shake a bit, but we knew that if this is what God wanted us to do, he would provide the means. Katelyn’s Fund has generously contributed a grant to our adoption. They are another rung in our ladder of faith. As we go higher and look down, we see how all the details are coming together. Often, adoption can seem overwhelming from a distance, but it all comes down to being willing to get our boots dirty and taking one step forward at a time. The desire for adoption was planted in Brendon’s he art many years ago when his family adopted two Asian girls. Growing up with one biological brother and two adopted sisters seemed all-together natural. Ruby caught the vision a couple of years into our marriage. We want to expand our family through adoption and felt like this is the time to do it. We are excited about the future and the special child God has for us.



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