Craig and Michelle Oyler Family



Children: Ashlyn (17), Chantel (15), Jadrian (12), Preston (10), and coming home soon Kian (5)


Cutler Ridge Church New Conference, Cutler, Indiana



Our adoption journey began a couple of years ago when we began to pray that God would use our family as His hands and feet here on earth. We did not know for sure what He had in His plan for us, but we were open and willing. In the year that followed, several things started turning our hearts toward adoption, and we became aware of the great need for godly families for millions of orphans. Then last October, we decided to host a 4 year old orphan from China. The hosting program closed and we were unable to host him, but we could not forget about the little boy that we had been praying for. Our hearts had already grown to love him! We soon learned that he was available for adoption and after much prayer, we began the process. One of our prayers had been that if God wanted us to adopt, that He would make that clear to us with a specific child. We felt that He clearly did that! We are still amazed that God could work in our hearts in such a short time and give us such a great love for a child we have not even met! After much paperwork and many ups and downs on this journey, we are now awaiting travel approval and hoping to travel to China to pick up our son, Kian, in early November!


One of the biggest obstacles for us in adopting was the expense. We had not been saving for this and had no idea where the finances would come from. As we started the adoption process, it was truly a step in faith. We can say that it has been so exciting to see God work each step of the way! It has been a wonderful growing experience in our faith as we have completely depended on Him to provide! And His timing is so perfect! We want to thank Katelyn’s Fund and those who so generously give to it for being part of God’s provision for us. The telephone interview with the Katelyn’s Fund board was another unexpected blessing. Their prayers for us over the phone touched us in a special way! For anyone who is considering adoption, do not let lack of funds stand in the way if you are feeling God calling you to this. Our family is a testimony that our God is bigger than finances!



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