The baby was up six times last night.  Suzy slept with gum in her mouth, which fell out and smashed into her hair.  Billy’s running a fever, Joey will. not. hustle this morning and why are his tennis shoes ALL WET?  The dog brought a baby bunny into the garage  and  I saw my coffee mug roll off the roof of the car as I left the driveway….I really wanted that coffee.


Oh, dear mamas, this is pick any day of the week for us.  Challenge after challenge, deadlines and events,nothing seems to slow down for a mom to catch a breath.


All I need is a little peace! How can we find peace when our days are filled with chaos and the unexpected? Peace, among other fruit of the Spirit are often long gone by the time I realize I left the towels wet in the washer over night and my cereal bowl is full but someone else got the last of the milk.


I often ask God to GIVE ME peace, but do you know what His word says?  It tells me that He HIMSELF is my peace (Eph. 2:14).  If I am experiencing chaos in my heart because of my circumstances,  I know that I have been trying to find peace somewhere other than in Him.  If I wait for my life to become peaceful before I begin experiencing the peace of God, I am looking in the wrong place.  I need to press in to Him who IS my peace when nothing is peaceful.