Kevin and Cherad Cloran family

Children: Rachel (3), Natalie (5), Avery (7), and Audrey (9,) Joey (2, just adopted from China)

Church: Bedrock Community Church, Bedford, Virginia

Our decision to adopt began before we even got married, over 13 years ago! We met in college and dated for 3.5 years before getting married in 2003.  Before marriage, we quickly realized we shared a desire to adopt a child one day.  Cherad’s love for adoption began on a mission trip to India in 1998.  While in college, Cherad worked in the Light Ministries mission’s office.  Each year, a team traveled to India for “Christmas With An Orphan”.  There were about 300 children in the orphanage at the time.  During her time there, Cherad’s heart broke for the great number of children growing up without the love of a family and she knew she wanted to adopt a child one day.  Kevin has worked with kids in crisis for more than 15 years.  Often, these kids spend years in foster care or group homes.  Furthermore, Kevin’s grandfather lived in an orphanage in Philadelphia, PA from 9 years old until he transitioned at 18 years old.  Together, we spent time in Cambodia working at an orphanage in the summers of 2005 and 2006. We are still in contact with many of those kids and they have had a tremendous impact on both our lives and in our children’s lives. Many of them have spent time in our home with us and our children have been able to get to know them.  Adoption is definitely a huge step of faith!  We are thankful for the many ways God has provided for us throughout the process.  The grant we received through Katelyn’s Fund was tremendously helpful as we were in the final stages of our adoption with many expenses due.  This grant was yet another way that God provided for us right when we needed it!