I am leaving this week for a much anticipated mission trip to Honduras with my sixteen year old son. I am excited to spend time with him … much sought after time alone with one child when time is usually split between four kiddos.  I can’t wait to work along-side him and hopefully have time to talk about life. He will be leaving all too soon for college and these moments feel like they are slipping away.


In the days and weeks ahead of getting ready to leave, we have been under attack. The one who seeks to destroy is wreaking havoc on our precious 8 year old girl. She is feeling rejected and her joy is being stolen. We had been doing good for a while; with little bumps in the road but have always been able to get her back on track. I worry that she will continue to struggle while I am gone and I worry that she will feel abandoned during my absence. She will have her daddy and I know she will be loved well, but my momma’s heart is worried. My reminder to you today is:  PRAY!!  Remember that in our inability to be there, to fix or to do what mommas do best, God is there.  I am reminded today that it is easy for me to remember to pray when I am unable to do anything else; especially when my absence means I can’t DO anything else.  I know this is simple, I know that it is obvious, but I also believe someone out there probably needs the reminder today to pray.


I will be drilling a well alongside my son far, far away from Minnesota. I will not be in contact with the goings on back home and I know that I can go, believing that God is present. His distance has not changed.  He is still here, and He is the One that can bring peace and joy and He is waiting for us to reach out to Him!