Gerardo and Constance Solano

Children : Monsi 16, Tati 13, Gabriel 8, Jade 4

Looking to adopt: Kai and Maya

Church: Church Bayside , Rocklin, CA

Our son was diagnosed with Down Syndrome at birth in 2008. From that time, 5 years, we contemplated adoption, but had to get through a lot of medical issues with him. We had lost everything between the market crashing and our son in the hospital. He had 10 surgeries in 10 months. We had to start over completely from zero. Our savings, retirement, investments and our home were all gone.


Once we had jobs and a home again, we decided that we had better get on with our adoption while timing was mostly right. We brought home our daughter 2 years ago. She is now 4 years old, also diagnosed with Down Syndrome and the best thing we’ve ever done. She has been an incredible blessing and source of joy for our entire family.


We are ready to go back to China to complete our family. We are in need of a sister and a brother. The children that God has planned for us are also diagnosed with Down Syndrome. God has broken our hearts over the plight of the orphan and we have room in our home and in our hearts. Bringing home 2 children is quite a financial commitment, but we feel that God has called us to these two children and that He will supply all our needs.


We have seen God multiply our efforts and our finances beyond our imaginations. Katelyn’s Fund has been an enormous part of that blessing.  We were overwhelmed by their love and commitment to rescue children. Their prayers over us and our family have been felt and answered. To know that God is calling people we’ve never met to walk with us on this journey, to give and to pray with us, and to pray over these children, has been a profound experience. It’s in the stepping over the edge, that we find the miracles. The team at Katelyn’s Fund is living on the other side of the edge. We cannot thank you enough for your tremendous love and sacrificial giving of your time and resources and for all of the people that God has called to give to your ministry. We know that God’s heart is here and we’re so blessed and humbled to be walking this journey with you. Thank you!


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